aaron-516294 @aaron-516294

Hey, I'm John!
I've been a professor at this college for about 10 years now. And it's been great! I love teaching and mentoring students.
As for my personal life, well...I guess you could say I'm a bit of an "older" man. But that doesn't mean I'm not into younger guys too!
My boyfriend James is only 21 but he's already really built up from playing football in college. He has a beard and black hair, and he's always looking for my attention. And since we both like to stay in shape, we found ourselves here at the gym, completely naked.
James loves it when I lick his neck while we work out together. It really turns him on. And I have to say, having a twelve-inch penis doesn't hurt either!
It's great being able to be myself and not have to hide who I am with someone so much younger than me. We definitely have a different perspective on things, but it works for us.