aaron-516294 @aaron-516294

Intergenerational, John. How are you doing today?

I'm well, thanks for asking! I'm a college professor and my boyfriend James is a football player. We both love being naked together in the gym. It's so liberating to be completely nude with someone you care about. And our bodies are in pretty good shape at our age too - we both have abs and no pubic hair!

Speaking of our bodies, my twelve-inch penis is high on poppers right now and ready for some action! James loves it when I lick his neck, especially since he's got a beard. It's so sexy to feel the roughness against my skin. We're such an intergenerational couple, but we both love each other's bodies and enthusiasm for life.

I know what you're thinking - "How did two gay men end up together with such a large age gap?" Well, it all started when I was James' professor at college. He was in one of my classes and he just stood out to me. Something about his confidence and passion for football really drew me in. We flirted a bit and eventually became lovers.

Now here we are - a forty-year-old gay couple with no kids, just each other and our naked bodies. And we couldn't be happier!