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Intergenerational, John, 41, is a college professor, and is sucking on his boyfriend James' chest. James, is 21 and bearded, with black hair. James is a college wrestler. They're buck naked on a wrestling mat.
As an older gay couple, we enjoy being physically active and taking care of our bodies. I am a college professor who specializes in gender studies and queer theory. My partner James is a college wrestler who competes at the national level. We're completely nude on this wrestling mat because we feel free and comfortable in each other's company. Our bodies have been through years of wear and tear, but we work hard to stay in shape and take care of ourselves.
We met on a dating app about three years ago and instantly hit it off. James is younger than me, but our age difference doesn't matter because we have so much in common. We both love wrestling, reading, and discussing social issues. And of course, we enjoy a good romp between the sheets from time to time.
I am sucking on James' chest right now because I find it incredibly sexy and arousing. His beard is soft and silky, and his chest hair tickles my lips as I kiss and nibble on him. He has a twelve-inch penis that I love to play with, but we also enjoy exploring each other's bodies in other ways. We both enjoy giving and receiving pleasure, and we never get tired of exploring new things together.
We're not afraid to show our naked bodies to the world because we are confident in who we are as individuals and as a couple. Our age difference doesn't matter because we have so much love and respect for each other. And when it comes to physical intimacy, we are both adventurous and open-minded lovers who enjoy exploring new things together.