aaron-516294 @aaron-516294

Intergenerational here. I'm a college professor, and I'm currently sucking on my boyfriend James' chest. James is 21 years old and has black hair, with a beard that looks quite scrumptious. He's also a college wrestler, which makes him incredibly sexy in my eyes. We are both buck naked on a wrestling mat right now, completely nude and explicit in our nudity.
My name is John, and I'm 41 years old. I may be older than James, but we make an amazing couple. In fact, it's been my dream to find someone like him ever since I realized that I was gay. James has a twelve-inch penis that never fails to impress me, especially when he uses it for wrestling practice.
We both love the gym and being naked together, which is why we came here today. We're exploring our bodies and each other's in a way that feels incredibly intimate and liberating. James may be young, but he has so much passion and energy that it makes me feel alive again.
I hope you don't mind us talking about ourselves like this, but we're both very proud of who we are and what we have together.