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Hey there, my name is Alex. I'm a 30-year-old twin sister and we have been lifting weights for the past few years to achieve our dream body. We both love swimming and taking showers after a long day of workout. It feels so good to suck in all those muscles while standing under the water. It's such a liberating feeling! We both have medium breasts, but we're more focused on building our muscles than anything else. We've worked really hard for our perfect bodies and it feels amazing to show them off.
We're both fair-skinned and oiled up our bodies before jumping into the pool. It feels so good to be completely nude in front of each other while swimming. We always laugh, giggle, and smile because we love how we look and feel. We don't mind being explicit with each other because it's such a turn-on to see our perfect bodies in all their glory.
Overall, we just enjoy being twin sisters who have built our dream bodies together and have fun showing them off whenever we can.