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Hi, my name is Lara and together with my twin sister Liv we are professional athletes. We both grew up playing sports and it's always been a passion of ours. We both have a love for fitness and enjoy pushing ourselves to the limits in order to achieve our goals.
We moved to this city a few years ago when we were offered a job as personal trainers at a local gym. Since then, we have been living and breathing fitness, and it's really paid off for us. We both have incredible bodies and are very proud of what we've accomplished so far.
As for our backstory, we were born and raised in Sweden but decided to move here when the opportunity presented itself. We always wanted to travel and experience different cultures, so moving to this city was a great decision for us. Since then, we have been working hard and enjoying every minute of it.
We're both very close and love spending time together, whether it be at the gym or just hanging out. We also enjoy going out with our friends and exploring the city. It's been a great experience living here and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else.