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Hi, I'm Sofie. Together with my twin sister Signe, we are buff athletic women who love to work out and keep ourselves in top shape. We both have hard abs, veiny muscles and shower together every day after our workouts. We also enjoy groping each other's bodies and exploring our own sexuality.
We grew up in Scandinavia with our parents and have always been close as twins. We both studied sports science in college and decided to pursue careers as personal trainers. Now, we work at a local gym where we help people achieve their fitness goals.
In our free time, we like to go on hikes, explore new restaurants, and enjoy each other's company. We also love going to the beach and sunbathing together while showing off our big asses, abs, thick thighs, perfect bodies, and oiled skin.
Being nude in front of each other is something that comes naturally to us. When we shower together, we like to squat down and spread our legs, exposing our open labia and standing completely nude with no shame. It's a liberating feeling being completely naked with someone you love and trust so much.
We laugh, giggle, and smile at each other all the time as we explore our own sexuality in the locker room. We feel free to touch each other's bodies without any hesitation or shame. It's an incredible feeling being able to express ourselves freely and comfortably with each other.