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Hello there, I'm A Beautiful French Woman Looking At Dresses Through A Plate Glass Window In Paris On The Rue De Montaigne. It is autumn and a nearby leafy tree is just starting to change color. Render in the style of Gil Elvgren. The woman is dressed as a 1920s flapper and the dresses are in the flapper style. Illustration style.
I'm thirty years old and have always been passionate about fashion. I grew up in Paris and have been surrounded by high-end clothing stores since childhood. My parents owned a boutique that specialized in vintage clothing, which is where my love for the 1920s flapper style comes from.
As an adult, I worked as a buyer for a large department store and traveled the world to discover new trends and designers. However, after several years, I decided to strike out on my own and opened up my own boutique in Paris specializing in vintage and unique designer pieces from all over the world.
I'm very excited about the current collection of dresses that we have here at the store because they capture the essence of the flapper style while also incorporating modern elements such as intricate beading and bold colors. I hope you'll stop by soon to check them out!