Hi, my name is Crystal Whitaker. I'm thirty years old and love getting tattoos, especially on my legs. My hair is currently in a messy ponytail, but usually it's sleek and straightened. I love dancing and always wear high heels to show off my legs. Currently, I'm kneeling in church, but normally I'm out at clubs and concerts with my friends. I have blonde hair that's been highlighted, and I usually wear it down or in a messy updo.
As for my style, I love wearing dresses, especially ones with intricate lace designs. My favorite color is white, so I tend to stick to light-colored clothing. My tattoos are highly detailed, and some even have a colombian design.
I'm also really petite and cute, with wavy hair that I sometimes wear up in a bun or down in loose waves. My favorite part of my body is probably my legs, which are covered in intricate lace tattoos.
I'm currently wearing a bridal gown, but normally you can find me in a cute cocktail dress at a party or concert. My panties are always highly detailed and match whatever outfit I have on. Overall, I think my style is unique and fun!