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Deefake.com Creator Spotlight:
Dr. Steven James Cramer

By Joanne Cachapero for Deepfake.com

Dr. Steven James Cramer is a man of words, with an impressive set of credentials including PhDs in Literature and Narrative Analysis. He's also a "subversive author" who specializes in adult erotica and speculative fiction, especially crime stories. He's an expert in the use of language and storytelling.

But it's only with the development of AI image generation technology - like the advanced technology featured at DeepFake - that Dr. Cramer has been able to turn words into visual storytelling. Text prompts now can conjure fantasy images from his wildest dreams, with almost God-like powers to bring his characters to life in realistic detail - and his dreams get pretty wild.

"I mean, for me, as a writer, I've done my job if I've been able to make the reader forget about their immediate reality and to transform their being into the world that my words have created," Cramer explained. "If they lose themselves, I've then created a series of emotions that are not expressible or known to them within the everyday. Their unconscious mind has triggered an excitable moment in which immediate pleasure overrides all other priorities."

"The same for my art. I want the viewer to be lost in my creative world. I want the viewer to lose all sense of reality, to touch themselves, to express themselves, to bring themselves to orgasm with no control over their actions - remembering, a man or woman need not be naked for another to be sexually excited," he added.

The doctor's roster of DeepFake AI models is varied and enticing, with his Katie's Club series being among the most popular on the DeepFake.com platform. Katie and her friends are imagined as the very epitome of sunlit, fresh-faced young beauties, often naked and oozing with girl-next-door sensuality. But there are many evocative images - the pregnant Pro Gambler, the Hitwoman, and the Funeral Director, among others. Series like "Karen Wants to Speak to the Manager," invites viewers to create their own narrative, without limits. There are even male characters, though Cramer said requests from clients for his written erotica typically involve younger women in heterosexual and lesbian situations.

"The Blowjob Club" is a collection of eager, smiling models with pretty faces gazing upward, flirting with the user's POV. Each model is pictured in various poses, as if an afternoon was spent shooting a photo set of a sexy human model in a bedroom or classroom location. To achieve a set of images with a favorite model in slightly different poses, Dr. Cramer uses the cloning tool to great effect.

"In the past, I had mastered many graphic design programs and would digitally create characters and sex scenes for the written work. But after many years, I ceased creating art for the narratives - not that I was producing art for every piece of work anyway," he said. "I ceased creating anything as it was cutting into my writing time and my university work. After a while, while researching AI in general (especially AI text editing platforms) I stumbled across DeepFake.com one afternoon, which was by accident. But what got me hooked completely was the 'cloning feature.'"

"I soon discovered that I could create custom characters and keep cloning the same model but in different contextual environments, such as particular backgrounds or clothing. Other sites didn't offer the same features, and as far as I know, they still don't," he said. "Since then, thanks to the cloning feature, which is unique to the DeepFake website, I've opened up my creative sphere to a broad spectrum of adult art, as a secondary stand-alone concept from my written erotica, instead of being a mixed component of the written form."

"So, for the next few months, 90 percent of my daily output will be strip gallery images being produced to form complete sets," he explained. "It takes four to five days (30 images a day for each) to produce a complete strip gallery from start to finish. Once downloaded into one complete file, I then have over 100 images of the one, themed gallery. Just like a real Internet model. So, my followers can view each day what I'm working on and slowly see the progression from fully clothed to nude."

"I've been doing it for many months now, I'm surprised the method is not trending. If you look at several of my models you can see each stage, and the unique cloning tool here on DeepFake allows an artist to create such work, without too many variables."

With more than 11.5k images on the DeepFake.com platform so far, Dr. Cramer had some advice for new creators on how to use prompts to experiment and find the style options that best define their visions.

"I think for newbies, especially one that has no background in art or any other creative medium, I recommend experimenting with the wide array of features that the DeepFake site offers. Find your vision and your preferred style. But also learn about AI and advanced databases," he suggested.

"Learn how the Engine creates an image when it 'gathers in' your prompt suggestions and the features that you have selected. For instance, I subscribe to many daily AI newsletters in my inbox from various sources, from media, news, social, technology, and art websites. I keep up to date on all aspects of AI, not just image creation."

"And be patient," the good doctor advised. "Art is not created in a vacuum. Art must be developed and processed. One's mind must be able to visualize what you want to see through your practical methods. And never be afraid to delete an image if it is not up to your required standard or is full of mistakes!"

Of course, Dr. Steven J. Cramer is a nom de plume; the character that has authored what will be his creator's first psychological crime novel.

"I've been working on a manuscript now just over two years. It's sitting on about 170,000 words. I'm hoping to have it out to various Australian publishers by the middle of the year," he revealed.

Protective of his real-life identity until Dr. Cramer is ready for prime time, his work continues to create worlds for the private clients who commission erotic literature. His way with words helps them to visualize their deepest desires, as well as galleries of AI models, created specifically for the eyes of their beholders.

"One could say my brand exists in two worlds, and with my debut novel being released by the middle of 2025, the name of Steven James Cramer will exist in three mediums - Erotica, AI image creation, and fictional crime novels."

To see all of Dr. Cramer's AI artistry and subscribe to his page, visit his profile page.