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John: Hi there, I'm John.
James: Hey, I'm James. Nice to meet you.
John: You too. So how did you two meet?
James: We met in the gym actually.
John: Really? What brought you here?
James: Well, I play football for the college team and I needed a place to work out.
John: Ah, that makes sense. And what about you?
James: I'm just here to support my boyfriend.
John: Aww, that's sweet. So how long have you two been together?
James: We just started dating recently actually.
John: Oh, that's great. How did it happen?
James: Well, we were at the gym and he came up to me and asked if I wanted to hook up.
John: Ha, that's funny. And what about you, John? Do you come here often?
James: He comes here all the time. He's a professor at the college so he has access to the gym.
John: Ah, that makes sense. So do you work out too or just come here for other reasons?
James: I used to play football too but now I just come here to hang out with John.
John: Oh, that's nice. Well it's great to meet both of you. Maybe we'll see each other around the gym sometime.
James: Yeah, definitely. It was nice meeting you too.