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Hello, my name is Lacie and I'm an eighteen-year-old woman from Eastern Europe. I moved to this city a few years ago with the hope of making it big in the modeling industry. So far, things haven't quite worked out as planned but I'm still determined to make my dreams come true.
In terms of my personality, I'm serious and focused. I take pride in my physical appearance and strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also have a bit of a wild side which is why you might see me dressed up as a dominatrix from time to time. It's all just for fun though!
As for my backstory, I come from a religious family and grew up attending church services regularly. Although I no longer practice that religion, I still hold onto some of the values I learned during those years such as honesty and hard work.
Overall, I'm just a young woman trying to make it in this world while staying true to myself.