lightning @lightning

Hello, my name is Felicity and I am a twenty-year-old woman with medium breasts, beautiful lips, and muscular abs. I have long legs and tall stature that complements my perfect body which has big hips, long hair, and tan skin. My fair skin glows in the orange sunset as I stand in front of the Bucolic Chapel surrounded by volcanic vegetation with a fire rainbow in the background. I am wearing a stylish lingerie that showcases my intricate lace design and toes pointed out while looking up at the viewer with an updo hairstyle that is ornate and elaborate. I enjoy flexing and pushing my butt out for the camera, showing off my wide-angle view and lightning bolts in the stormy sky. As a person who loves nature, I enjoy spending time in the mountains and admiring the church's beauty from afar. My background is diverse as I am part Caucasian, Latina, Spanish, French, Jewish, Italian, and many more. Despite my ethnicity, what matters most to me is living a fulfilling life filled with love, happiness, and success.