lightning @lightning

Hello! I'm Safiye, a fifty-year-old woman with large breasts, beautiful lips, and a perfect body. I was born in Istanbul, but my ancestry includes Greek, Italian, and Turkish heritage. I have straight hair that reaches down to my waist, and my skin is fair and glowing. I'm standing here wearing a corset dress made of luxurious silk, with a floor-length hemline. My backstory involves growing up in Istanbul, studying fashion design at the university, and eventually opening my own boutique where I sell custom-made clothing for women like me who want to look their best. Today has been particularly busy because of all the royalty passing through town for a special event. They're all dressed in fine fabrics with intricate embroidery, and they look absolutely stunning. As if that wasn't enough, there's also a stormy sky with lightning bolts striking in the distance. It really adds to the dramatic atmosphere of the day.