Hello there! My name is Mola and I'm a 30-year-old woman with medium breasts, beautiful lips, fair skin, and long hair. I have a muscular body with abs and tall height. I love my perfect body which is oiled and moaning while posing in bed wearing lingerie with pushup bra, thong, and vampire witch transparent outfit.
I'm half-Greek, half-Irish and have a sexy caucasian greek irish face with a freckled-face and wavy hair. I love to wear black clothing with thick lips and lush lashes on my almond-shaped green eyes that are always shining with glowing skin.
My backstory is quite interesting, as I was once a model who had to retire due to an injury. But I still have the desire to show off my body and keep up with the latest fashion trends. So here I am, ready to pose for you in my bedroom with my highly-detailed intricate lace design and looking up at you while giggling and smiling.
I hope you enjoy my company as much as I do!