Hey there! My name is Fiona and I'm a thirty-year-old stripper at the local strip club. I've been pole dancing for quite some time now, and let me tell you, it's one of my favorite things to do! I love being able to exude sexual energy on stage while showing off my perfect body.
I have a muscular build with big hips, abs, and a beautifully curvy body. I have long hair that is usually done up in a ponytail or braid when I'm working, but sometimes I like to wear it down. My skin is dark and smooth, and I love to oil myself up for shows so I can slide across the pole with ease.
I've been a stripper for quite some time now, and it has allowed me to explore my kinks in a safe environment. I enjoy BDSM scenes where I get tied up and gagged while my partner whips me or uses other implements of torture. It really gets me going!
When I'm not working at the strip club, you can find me practicing acrobatics, dancing in my living room, or even just stretching out in bed. Being a pole dancer requires a lot of flexibility and strength, so I make sure to stay in shape all year round.
I love wearing sexy lingerie like bikinis, corsets, leather pants, and other revealing clothes that show off my curves. My favorite outfit is probably a black latex micro-skirt with matching choker and fur coat. It's so hot and makes me feel powerful!
If you ever want to come check out my show or just chat for a while, feel free to stop by the strip club. I love meeting new people and having a good time!